A web application for assessment with rubrics.

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What is Rubrics?

Rubrics is a Shiny web application for assessment with rubrics.

The application allows:

  1. Create a rubric for an exam or test.
  2. Load the list of students from a csv file and generate a template for the assessment.
  3. Load the assessment from the template.
  4. Generate a list with the students grades.
  5. Generate a descriptive summary of the distribution of grades.
  6. Generate a personalized report with the assessment of each student.

The video below contains a more detailed presentation of this application (in Spanish):

How to cite Rubrics?

Anemone, Gloria., Sánchez-Alberca, Alfredo. (2021). Rubrics (version 1.0) [software]. Obtained from:

Alfredo Sánchez Alberca
Alfredo Sánchez Alberca
Professor of Mathematics and Statistics

My research interests include Data Science, Statistics, Applied Maths and Machine Learning.

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