New Excel manual

Basic Excel manual for Economics and Business Administration

I’m glad to offer a basic manual of Excel, the famous Microsoft Office spreadsheet. This manual is intended mainly for students of Economics and Business Administration, and for that reason, most of the examples in this manual are applied to accounting and finance. However, the manual also serves for learning a basic management of Excel, no matter the field of application.

The version of Excel used in this manual is Excel 2010, but some parts of this manual are also valid for other versions.

This is my first manual in English and so there is likely to be some grammatical errors. I apologize by that and I would like to ask you to correct me in the forum below. I hope you enjoy it.

Alfredo Sánchez Alberca
Alfredo Sánchez Alberca
Professor of Mathematics and Statistics

My research interests include Data Science, Statistics, Applied Maths and Machine Learning.

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